May 31

Genius Loci: Search for the Spirit of the Place I

Ryan Ferko: Delinquent History for the Leslie Street Spit
Yan Wu and Ann Dean: James Carl’s The Balcony
Andrew Hunter: In the Belly of the Whale
Moderator: Shawn Micallef

PLEASE NOTE: Due to a technical error the data for the majority of this panel has been lost. This video includes the first 20 minutes of the panel, including Ryan Ferko’s presentation and the beginning of Yan Wu and Ann Dean’s presentation. Our sincere apologies.

Genius Loci: Search for the Spirit of the Place II

Francine Dibacco: This Must Be The Place: The Urban Design Group and The Image of the City
Amy Lavender Harris: Re-‘naturalizing’ the Don: Text, Architext, and Nature-Culture Connections
Adrian Blackwell: A Genealogy of forms of public housing, during Toronto’s neoliberal urbanization
Moderator: Jane Wolff

Making Scenes: Film and Video

Wyndham Wise: The Events Leading to the Formation of the Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre, the First Artist-Run Distribution Centre in Canada
Andrew James Paterson: Tele Video Situations
Peggy Gale: Rose-Coloured Glasses for Toronto Video
Zoë Heyn-Jones: Programming Process: Pleasure Dome <—> Film Farm
Moderator: Kass Banning

Making Scenes: Artist’s Magazines

Jim Shedden: Making a Scene: D.I.Y. Art Publishing in Toronto, 1975-1985
Eldon Garnet: A Case Study of an Artist Magazine: Impulse
Kegan McFadden: Flower Magazine: 1992-1996
Stephen Cain: Writing Paradise: the Literary Representation of Cameron House and Queen West
Moderator: Rosemary Heather

Debating the State of the Art: Institutions and the Cultural Ecology

The panelists consider highpoints and benefits, strengths and weaknesses, and the role and significance of institutions at play in the city.
– Commercial Galleries: Geoffrey James / James Carl
– Studio and Post-Studio: John Massey / Yam Lau
– Prizes and Awards: Amy Fung / Ann Webb
– Public Art: Amish Morrell / Adelina Vlas
– Magazines and Art Criticism: Corinn Gerber / Matthew Hyland
– Audiences and Exhibitions: Kari Cwynar / David Balzer
Moderated by Vera Frenkel

Where Do We Go From Here: Speculative Frictions + Closing Remarks by Kitty Scott

A roundtable on the future of the Toronto visual art ecology: where are we going, and where might we be a decade from now?
– The Artist’s Studio: Duane Linklater
– Funding and Prizes: Life of a Craphead (Amy Lam & Jon McCurley)
– Private Galleries and Private Foundations: Abbas Akhavan
– Public Art: Sarah Robayo Sheridan
– Festivals: Christine Shaw
– Publishing, Art Criticism, and Magazines: Charles Stankievech
– Art and Art History Programs: Amy Fung
– Audiences, Exhibitions, and Public Galleries: Georgina Jackson
Moderated by Jacob Korczynski