May 30

Fitting In and Standing Out: Identities and Representations

Peter Kingstone: The Toronto art world is a small place
Denise Ryner: Sandra Brewster’s Open House and Life of a Craphead’s Bugs as Expressions of Non-Place
Maiko Tanaka and Chris Lee: Model Minority
Jamelie Hassan: Orientalism & Ephemera
Moderator: Su-Ying Lee

Standing Up and Coming Out: Queerness and Representations

Jon Davies: I’ll Be Your Mirror
Sabrina Maher: Canned Fruit: David Buchan
Andy Fabo: Pioneering Queer Strategies in Toronto’s Alternative Visual Arts Scene from 1975 to 1985
Moderator: Kegan McFadden

Roundtable on Feminism, Sexuality, and Policing

Dot Tuer
Lisa Steele
Carole Condé and Karl Beveridge
Shary Boyle
Srimoyee Mitra
Moderator: Georgiana Uhlyarik

Whose Voice… Politics and Identity (Presentation and Roundtable)

Ellyn Walker
Abbas Akhavan
Duane Linklater
Vicky Moufawad-Paul
Moderator: Camilla Singh

Collective Impulses

Jessica Wyman: Collectives and Their Hybrids in Toronto
Michael DiRisio and Teresa Carlesimo: Days of Action: Collaboration & Collective Action in the 1980’s and 1990’s
Maggie Flynn: A Case Study for the Anarchist Free University
Moderator: Christine Shaw

Artists’ Scenes

Peter Goddard: Caliban on College
Chrysanne Stabthacos: Transmissions: Toronto – 1976-1982
Rae Johnson: This is Paradise: The Ecology of the Street
Moderator: Andy Fabo

The Festivalization Paradigm

Gwen MacGregor: The Legacy of Toronto’s Nuit Blanche
Emelie Chhangur: Contemporary Art’s New Ritual Behaviour: Festive Ready-Mades and New Modes of Civic Address
Moderator: Christine Shaw

Navigating the Politics of Economics

Rosemary Donegan: Observations on Queen St. West and Toronto, 1985 to 2015
Kristian Clarke and Friederike Landau: Artist Advocacy – Two Perspectives on Recognizing Artists as Professionals
Michael Maranda: Waging Culture, Making a Living(?)
Moderator: Amish Morrell