May 29

 Welcoming Remarks
Barbara Fischer and Luis Jacob

Toronto’s “Absence” of History

Robert Fones: Castle Frank and the Loss of Place
Wanda Nanibush: City of Trade, Refuge, and Exile: The Urban Reserve
Ian Carr-Harris: The Power Plant and The Play of History, 1987
Sarah Milroy: Sort of the Same
Moderator: Sara Angel

The Mediums: Marshall McLuhan & Co. and the Anti-Environments of Toronto

Adam Lauder: Toronto’s Modernist Pre-histories: Bertram Brooker and Elizabeth Wyn Wood
Charles Stankievech: Dialogues on the Prospects of Recording: Notes of Correspondence between Herbert Marshall McLuhan & Glenn Herbert Gould (1964-68)
Mohammad H. Salemy: Time & Televisual Intersubjectivity, McLuhan’s Idea of Globalized Presence as the Prehistory of Telecomputation
Jaqueline McLeod Rogers: McLuhan’s city theory: global explorations with Jaqueline Tyrwhitt, local interventions with Jane Jacobs
Gary Genosko: Marshall McLuhan Meets Invertebrate Paleontology or, Harley Parker at the ROM
Moderator: Charles Stankievech

In and Out of History: Appropriation in Canadian and American Art

Janice Gurney: In and Out of History: Appropriation in Canadian and American Art
Judith Doyle: Algorithm Allegory Appropriation : Transcript 1981
Cristina S. Martinez: This is Not Plagiarism: The Singular Appropriation Strategies of Canadian Artists
Sarah Robayo Sheridan: Les Levine Copies Everyone
Moderator: Julian Haladyn

‘Centres’ and ‘Peripheries’, So Called

Will Kwan: Dead Zones: Clocks that do not tell the time
Alison Bain: Suburban creativity: culture from the outside in
Andy Patton: Hand Me Down World: Winnipeg and Appropriation Art
Christina Ritchie: Some NSCADets Among Us
Moderator: Rosemary Heather

Artists, Networks, Cities

Adam Welch: Back and Forth: Wieland between Toronto and New York, 1962-71
E.C. Woodley: Greg Curnoe: In Memory of the Toronto Scene
Felicity Tayler: Toronto via Vancouver: Image Bank and Filing Systems for Networked Bodies
Moderator: Gregory Humeniuk